Friday, July 24, 2009


I just od-ed on chocolate. I feel so much better and a bit sick all at the same time. :)

I find it amusing how people react to an R2I-er (return-er-to-india). Anything the R2I-er might complain, or even plain comment about is met with "Oh what a US-return!" or "C'mon, this is India,.." or "quit complaining..". While its perfectly ok for either a local or a foreigner to make the same complaints/comments.

Having lived abroad for eight years now, I am fully aware that going back and readjusting to life in India is not going to be easy. I am sure everyone who does that is. But nobody can prepare fully for the experience, and however much mentally prepared one is, the re-acquainting phase will be long and full of curve balls. It is only natural to react to the deficiencies in the system, until a point when you reach the "chalta hai" attitude nirvana.

I booked my tickets to Chicago. Yay! I am very excited, and hope to make use of all the awesome suggestions you folks left for me.

I joined twitter. I will be a silent observer for don't find myself tweeting yet. I need to make long verbose points a la W O M M not 130 character-ones.

I am determined to pick myself up and run with the flow, make the best of choices I made for myself. GO TGFI! :)

Monday, I plan to visit the gym.


Anonymous said...

What does WOMM stand for? :)
and what is - TGFI always TGIFs? i got the TGFI part :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

WOMM = Whats on my mind

tgfi always tgifs = tgfi always thanks god its friday. now we can argue whether it must be TsGIF or TGIFs, but...:)

Ni said...

I have been eating chocolate pastry (pastries ;) every night last week. I call it craving husband calls t binge eating. Oh well! At some point I ll have to stop, but I am hoping the craving will go away on its own. nahi? ;)

bongopondit said...

Welcome to Twitter. I hope the desi Twitteratis are entertaining you :)
(oh wait, I should have Twittered that)

Gradwolf said...

Tell me about it. I am a R2Ier, albeit in two years, and not a significant 8 like yours. But even without complaining, people tend to bring that topic into conversations, sometimes for fun, but every time unwarranted.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ahhh pastries! I WANT! yes yes, it will go away. i think u shd let it take its natural course. :) tell the husband, thats what this "doctor" recommends. :)

hehe thanks. twitteratis are entertaining muchly. :)

yep, i guess one learns to brush it off like many other things, eventually.

Anonymous said...

So, all that "c'mon this is India" and "quit complaining", is to aid in reaching that 'chalta hai' nirvana faster. But you R2Iers just don't appreciate!