Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Learning to just let go and say no.

Pleasantly surprised with understanding that comes from the most unexpected quarters.

Tired of repeating this experiment for the nth time

On the other hand, thank god for science. what would i do if i didn't have fascinating gene-regulation questions to occupy my thoughts?

Hate the conflicting emotions i am going through right now. Trying to get through the days by just keeping things normal. Would love to indulge in a bit of wishful thinking if only to see me through the rough patches, but another part of me won't let me invest in any hope.

Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be.

I like how my lab celebrates birthdays here. Its cute and sincere.

Sick of the bloody rain.

Sick of my bad knee, of hobbling around like an old woman. Bah.

Wishing badly for another place, another time, other people.

I recently got chided for "Being difficult". That's a first for me. Either I'm just a very agreeable angel person or nobody has had the balls to call me difficult until now. ;)
Anyhoo I found that I enjoyed it: being difficult and being called difficult. Hmmmm. :)

I am going to go home for lunch. Eat achaar and dahi rice. That should take care of my current pissed-off state of mind.


Prasoon said...

I hope the achaar n dahi-rice helped. What achaar was it btw? Mango or Lemon or something else?

ferret said...

cooking sambaar makes your day, eating achaar and dahi rice cheers you up,, what an angel you seriously must be :D
so how does your lab celebrate birthdays..

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

mango achaar. Def helped. :)

:) see my halo?

Oh- very simple, cake, card etc. But its very earnest.