Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Right now, I have a multitude of thoughts firing off in all directions.

Depending on who I am talking to, they get to hear a slice of the chaos in my head: whether it is simply "these chocolates are awesome" or more disorganized, tangled thoughts.

Invariably, the people whose opinions I seek and respect are the ones that are close to me. Often, the same people care about you too much to be able to carry forth a discussion without turning it into a heated argument. You know they're looking out for you, but all you want to have is a calm discussion, and be able to take something back from it. If you listen closely, and filter out the noise, you will find it.

I think I'm going to just hibernate for a bit, and not think of life issues. Nothing of importance will happen over the next few days or weeks, anyway.

Let me go solve my fascinating PCR question now.

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