Sunday, August 02, 2009


Esp to any readers in Bombay, or any R2I-ers reading this blog. (R2I = Returned to India)

How easy/hard is it for a single 30-something professional who has just returned to India after living abroad for a while to be able to rent a flat on his own in suburban mumbai..without having his immediate family or people around to vouch for him not being a serial killer/ rapist/druggie/thief or psycho or whatever?

Any experiences/tips/ etc?


Kits said...

Depends on gender and area. Its tough but not impossible. That is as vague an answer as any isn't it? Apologies but yes it is possible. Having a broker always helps. :)

Ms Taggart said...

No helpful advice, but ask him to move to Hydie instead... Life will be much simpler.. :D

tgfi said...

thanks, the question was pretty vague, but i just didn't have time to write a detailed post..the gender is male..

Ms T,

Anonymous said...

When will you admit he is actually 40+?