Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Trips I want to make before I leave the US

Much as I love to travel, I realized that all through grad school, I really never traveled unless it was coupled with a conference or organized by someone else. When it is left to me, I pretty much cop out at the last minute making excuses of work or money. No more of that now, there is so much I have yet to see here, and now that I may be seeing an end to my stay here, its time to make that list. So here goes, a very do-able (over a year or so?) list.

1 Chicago

2 The West Coast! : Ideally: Redwood forests, SF, Yosemite, LA, SD (otherwise a certain blogger may kill me) and Joshua Tree. Whew! May be this will be my exit trip from the US, after I leave my job and don't have to worry about length of the holiday.

3. The Grand Canyon.

4. Dallas, Houston, Lubbock (Never been to Texas, and some of my close friends live there)

5. Lutom: just to go back to one time.

6. Cincinnati : To meet, hang out with and get drunk with S just like the good old days. To do the trip with my friend that we had often thought about and planned.

7. Yellowstone National Park

I think that's it. If I had to make my absolute essential list, this would be it. And I am starting with Chicago in a couple weeks. yay!


Sakshi said...

Sigh. Me TOOO! I want!

Now goes off to pout over the no holiday till next year part. Waaaaah!

Abi said...

You mean you are not all that keen on visiting Alaska?

I'm told that the view of Russia from there is just too awesome ...

Macho Girl said...

Dallas now has another person living there! :P

If u have time, we shud try to meet for a cup of coffee or something :)

Ms Taggart said...

Nice... I dont know about others, but you should certainly not miss Grand Canyon.
I am not keen on any part in the US, but this is one place I want to see before I die.. oh and NY too.. :)

mazhalai said...

what about weird Austin?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

go on, make your list. thats a start. we can compare notes and even plan together, perhaps!

Haha...how could I leave that out? The proximity to Russia might've thrown me off..

Ahha! Keep an eye out for texas trip- given me, I'm sure i'll announce it here months before i make it. Will be nice to meet you, yes. :)

Ms T,
I agree: that is definitely top priority..come to NY while i am here!

hmm one time i did want to go to Austin..see, there i go, adding to my list! :

Pri said...

ooh yes. come here. i will take you for a grand tour of my city. so far ive been to the mall ten minutes away from my house. also the other bigger funner mall a good 30 minutes away. also i can show you the cool stadium where i saw obama.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

will i get to meet gaysin and his mom? pleeeze!

Anonymous said...

What?! No Disneyworld?? And No Maine?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

if you are who i think you are..call me! :-)

Born a Libran said...

I am driving from San Diego to Seattle this summer... And then I live close enough to Grand Canyon, Death Valley Natl Park, Rockies, and White Sands that I am sure I will visit those places in the next couple of yrs too... So I gloat for now :)

tgfi said...

gloat away while you can! :)