Monday, August 03, 2009


I had a great weekend. The parents of S, my best friend growing up, came here to visit me. It was a lot of fun meeting up with them, my sis and other colony friends. I enjoyed hosting them and showing them around, and eating awesome poha made by aunty. :). More than anything, the fact that they came here, all the way, just to meet us and spend quality time with us meant a lot.

I have a really really bad migraine now. I should just go see a doctor. I should. really. My reluctance to see a doctor reminds me of my mom and is very annoying. :(

I find it annoying when you try to cook in the kitchen and the people you're cooking for keep saying "What are you doing for so long! Don't trouble yourself! Don't do all this!" I know it comes from a well-meaning intent but its very annoying. First of all, one might actually like the cooking and stuff. Second of all, unless one does it, how is it going to materialize? I mean seriously, what other way is there? :/

I also got over some of my fear of driving in this city. Not completely, but took baby steps. Kicked about that. Hope I keep it up.

I missed S and my parents in all the melee. Wish they were here.

I am happy for the ability to take myself lightly. I think its a much needed life-skill.

I am thankful for my elder sister and a very balanced upbringing. I think my grounded-ness is mostly due to them.

There actually exist people like Michael Scott. So obnoxious, they shouldn't be allowed to behave the way they do.

One of my closest buddies from undergrad is getting married in October. He has given me 3 months notice: to prepare and try to make it. I am working towards it.

I think my not being able to make it to any of my friends' weddings is a bigger loss to me than the fact that nobody may be able to make it to mine..whenever that might be.

No, no, no wedding bells in the horizon for me,...but, whenever I get married, I want it to be a simple private temple wedding with immediate family. May be a gathering/party of sorts later with close friends and family. I wonder if I can pull that off.


Sakshi said...

So what you are telling here is that 1. after that lou-shmou post, wedding bells are in the corner.
2. You guys are not invited.
3. There may be a party afterwards but you are still not invited.



The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

1: re-read post. horizon is further away from corner. :)

so 2 and 3 are moot. for now. :-)

Sakshi said...

Tchih! This is tauheen of hindu sanksriti.
If nothing else bollywood has taught me now a days all good girls fall in lou and then get married before interval!