Thursday, August 20, 2009


I made the awesom-est idlies for dinner last night. So yeah, it was out of a mix (MTR rava idli mix- they already come with chopped cashews and what not-yum.) - just added lots of fresh finely chopped kothmir (cilantro) and sour dahi and it was ready to cook. Wish I had sambar but ..another time.

So I think my tummy hurts this morning from overeating. :)

Highlights of this past weekend:

Open air roadside cafe in the city : getting slightly tipsy over a really strong Long island iced tea..with my sister! Its a big deal for me because my sister doesn't drink and i've always felt conscious about drinking around her- in fact I'd never done this before until now. My sis was super-cool putting up with my tipsiness and turns out that was another self-imposed hang up of mine.

Got another friend to meet her and was also excited about hanging out with them together. Most people who have met my sister really like her right away-she's a very no-nonsense-tell-it-like-it-is bindaas fun person (and i really couldn't care bout those that might not have liked her..) - so i've always enjoyed introducing my friends to her. It only gets problematic when people go "OMG you two are so alike"- neither of us considers that a compliment. :)

Waiter-with-a-slight-attitude- who was immediately taken down by 3 girls :)

The beach with my niece. Building sand-castles with my niece and other kids. Playing cricket. Sitting in the sand and reading a book. The only thing that struck me was severe paucity of hot shirtless guys. Stupid family beach.

Getting court-martialed by a grand-aunt about my marriage. It then struck to me that single girls who live near family might have to go through this kind of crap of so often- in many ways they may have also learned the tricks to deal with it- it was just off-putting and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Overall fun weekend. the week has been very busy..and..not really as productive. Need to rethink my project- and am so out of ideas. :/ Will give it a renewed shot today.


ferret said...

isnt kothmir = corriander?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

kothmir = coriander = cilantro in the yoo ess off a. they use coriander when they refer to the seeds.

You know who said...

I like pre-mix idli too. And you reminded me I have not had any in a while.. send me some.

And come to SD - shirtless guys are seen 365 days here. And sometimes they are straight too :P

Anonymous said...

Oh that mix makes awesome idlis.. And I always ended with a stomach-ache the next day.. I think its the gluten in it, or my imagination that its because of it!

And yes.. your sister is really fun.. I also liked her Bindaas way of telling things, and no, you two are not alike, atleast what I have seen of! :)