Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Why primary care doctors are fed up" (from cnn.com)

I have always bitched about what a pain it is to be able to get relatively immediate care for non-trivial yet non-emergency heath issues in this country, drawing from a series of bad personal experiences and several anecdotal ones. This commentary by a PCP in California drew my attention to the "other" side, a side that my medico friends have often tried to make. Until recently, I wasn't even able to recognize that the doctors are also inconvenienced by and as opposed to the the tiresome health-insurance nexus as patients are.


Quoted from there:
"..........How many times has an anxious patient come in demanding an endoscopy who I examined and then decided to treat less invasively for three to four weeks first? Few of these patients are happy no matter how many times I explain that it is reasonable to treat their reflux symptoms for several weeks before endoscopy.  This delay in referral has led to many tense moments in the last 20 years. The cost savings to the system is thousands of dollars each and every time I am willing to make the call and go with the treatment. My reward is about $55 from Medicare and private health insurers........."

I am at work now, so will perhaps update this post with more of my comments at a later point. Just wanted to set a place-holder for it..In the meantime, comments space is open for discussion (As always ;))


ggop said...

Good topical subject TGFI! Do share some insights from your discussion from the other side.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I don't have too many insights to share from those discussions- this write up says a lot of it, in fact. I will come back and update this post with my comments soon.