Tuesday, September 22, 2009

because i can't rant against this shit enough

Just got off the phone with my health insurance providers. apparently my claim hadn't been filed yet because "my claim form seems to have gotten folded and the information needed wasn't visible."

Although they did have  my cover letter  with my membership # etc. visible - so they could trace it when I called, but to expect them to reach me to tell me that my claim form got mangled by their fax machine would be a bit much, no?

That's Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield for you. Useless people.


ggop said...

Single payer is what the wimps in Congress should have pushed. Of course they must be in bed with the insurance companies or the AMA. Who knows?

Gradwolf said...

I thought blue cross blue shield was only good as long as you were a student.

Oh the joy of the meticulous filling up of "I walked to my university ten times today" to collect blue points, monthly t-shirts, stadium cushions and water bottles.