Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Upstairs Neighbour

Do you have a mini bowling alley in your apartment?

Do you have pet elephants?

Are you elephants?

WTF is up with the loud pounding noise every time you decide to walk across the room? Why do they cause my kitchen shelves to rattle?

Admittedly the sound-proofing in this building sucks, but a little less elephantine behaviour on your part would also help. Especially after midnight.



Macho Girl said...

Amen to that! :(

Anonymous said...

Did u try seeing who they are at all? Probably they are elephants or such like peoples.. :)

Pri said...

this wasn't the actual note no? cause that would have been fun too. not for you.

in my head i see a series of angry notes exchanged and one day they'd make their way to

i'm a dreamer.