Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Its very painful to have to let someone you care about fall and learn for themselves, because they simply leave you no other choice. There is always the worry of how hard he might fall, and how much he will learn- how much will the fall worsen the problem instead of helping it. Don't know. You don't want to end up feeling responsible later for something you then think that you could have avoided. But quite honestly, I doubt if you could've stopped it anyway.

My soon-to-be-4 year old niece came home crying about how some girl in her class hadn't invited her to her birthday party. :( What a terrible feeling to expose a 4 year old to. Just another one of life's early lessons, I guess.

I walked into a toys-r-us to buy a birthday present for my niece. OMG. The stuff there was overwhelming. I almost ran out of the place without buying anything- it was chaotic - not just because of the crowds, but also because the mind-boggling array of options you can choose from to buy a present for a 4 year old. What nonsense.

I have never been a big fan of big-box stores. They reek of consumerism, over-priced-ness and foster this very distorted perception of what's cool, what's therapy, and what norms govern "fitting in". I hate the mall culture that has overtaken big cities in India too. Its just plain sad. I find that one of my favourite places to street-store-watch is actually Harlem or Little Italy type places - with all the random all-purpose-stores on the street- that have all odds and ends clothes, plastic-ware etc. in one place- stuff dangling from the ceiling etc. So remindful of some of those "General stores" in India. :)

Spending the day in a library- with tall shelves of books and serious studious faces all around me-getting some focused reading done- having a few bright ideas strike- sounds a great day to me- and that is what I did for most of today.

I met up with an old friend yesterday in the city. She and I were infamous for sitting in the first bench and giggling through class in class XII. Way back then, she had said she wanted to be a pilot, and I said I wanted to study more about DNA and get a Ph.D. in it. We recently regained contact and met for the first time after 13 years (thanks to orkut) both doing exactly what we said we would be. I was quite in awe of her pilot career, and she was as nonchalant about it. She had flown a plane to the US for the first time, but has traveled all over in her past 5 years as a pilot. Am sure life as changed her in several ways, but she is still the same simple, unpretentious person I remember her as. It felt good to see her and even if she brushes off her pilot status- I continue to be in awe.

Infidelity in a marriage, casual sex and promiscuity seem to be gaining fad-status in India. Sad.


Deeps said...

Infidelity in a marriage, casual sex and promiscuity seem to be gaining fad-status in India. Sad.

I agree. Also I hear girls talking about live-in in awe and about one-night stands in a casual manner and it still manages to shock me. Maybe I'm the naive person here :-\.

Don't mean to offend anyone but sometimes I feel even homosexuality is a fad in India, don't know why.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah..india is changing a lot..

as for homosexuality - *may be* its become a bit faddish to support homosexuality, talk about having gay friends, etc...don't agree about being homosexual though..

Deeps said...

I meant what you said, didn't make it quite clear..