Sunday, September 13, 2009

The weekend that was

Was nice. Met some people and "networked" in the true sense of that word for the first time ever. Glad I made this beginning in a mostly approachable group of people.

I spent 8 hours (to and fro) on a bus, it was nice. Very comfortable bus ride and I was happy for not choosing to drive in the crappy weather. Instead sat atop a double-decker bus and watch the rain, read, surfed the net and ate my packed food.

Double-decker buses and the front window seats still make me giddy with excitement. :)

Loved watching the bus snake out of the city, recognize familiar street-sights etc.

Came back to the city and had a great time with G and her husband. Great food, fun conversation that leaves you feeling warm on a cold rainy day.

Sunday has been a drag. I lazed mostly- but I think I needed it. I cleaned up a bit, cooked etc.

Discovered I am becoming my mom in so many ways. :/

Also discovered that i am becoming one of those annoying people in a relationship who wants to set other people up. Bah! I am trying not to, I promise!

I am going to finish up the cleaning and go to bed early. Tomorrow I will print out previous post and stick on upstairs neighbour's door. They are driving me C-RAZY!


Gradwolf said...

Ah, memories of sitting in the front seat in the upper deck of 266 and go to school! How we used to fight for that seat!

And hence proved, all committed women get into this mission of getting other men(!) committed.....All. hum toh doobenge sanam, par tumhe lekar doobenge syndrome!

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ what Gradwolf wrote..

Yes.. recently I had the pleasure of sitting in the front seat of the double decker bus.. its soo good man!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

well- its not a mission.... yet. :p

Ms T,