Friday, October 16, 2009


As in, this blog is on a roll :p



2) Sometimes I have no sympathy at all for other peoples' complaints. Whatever it might be- I feel that they should just suck it up- of course, they are not very serious complaints- simple- life-stuff-that I am whining about too, other times. But I just get into one of these moods where I become totally bereft of any empathy- and just want to tell people to grow up and get over it. It happened to me today when someone told me they were missing old times, someone else was complaining about not feeling very well (this person is always complaining though- it gets old) yet another was worrying about experiments (really, darling) and then one more person sharing his job and money uncertainties. Sometimes, especially online- it comes across as cribbing when they are just sharing thoughts- so I guess i need to take it with some distance.

3) I met a really nice person today. To see someone make it through all kinds of hurdles, not yet reached where he wants to be but that much closer- and openly offer advice and tips in what I know to be a very competitive field- just left me with warm fuzzies. Hope he succeeds in attaining his goals.

4) I got some sad news about a good friend from school who lost her mom to cancer. Been feeling really really down about it. She lost her dad to cancer several years ago and now her mom. And she's just my age. That is so rough. I don't even want to begin blogging about the myriad of thoughts that flooded my head once I started off. :(

5) I am going to clean up and light my awesome electric diyas and improve the mood around here. Happy Diwali y'all.


ferret said...

Ferret likes this!

the blogrolling that is, and shub deepavali to you :)

\diwali always first brings back the memory of how a fire cracker burst in my hand once. And funny, it was not even a fire cracker, it was a sparkler which decided to burst instead of just sparkling! And funnier that i had just held it for someone else who had run in to get some more, and it decided to burst right when it came in my hands!! And the funniest thing is that it wasn't even diwali, it was gurunanak jayanti!!! But then it comes to mind on diwali :)

Jazzy Jane said...

wow, so many people complaining on Diwali! crazy.

happy diwali to you and B :)

Sakshi said...

Shubh Dipawali.
Phulo phalo ...etc etc :)

Mr. K Bodhi said...

I my limited experience, especially with guys, the best way to stop them harassing you with their problems is to make fun of them. Provide stupid ideas. Make jokes.

This has a two pronged effect. First, the guy realizes he is being a girl. So he grows a &*(), starts solving the problems and stops complaining. Second, the next time he will avoid you.

P.S. I have been at the receiving and giving end.