Friday, October 16, 2009

Facebook Shacebook

Facebook is giving us new meanings to all simple english words. You know how a facebook friend is not necessarily a "Friend", a facebook poke is doesn't involve anything sharp or pointy or poky, etc.

One thing I have yet to understand is this "likes" business. Somebody has some thought, pithy saying, self-absorbed fact, slogan or joke, and a bunch of others go about "liking" it. I do not understand what it is they are liking here.

"Sunita made awesome batata wadas"
Eeena, Meena, Deeka and 3 others like this (thumbs up sign).

OK, so do they like batawadas, sunita, or the fact that sunita made the batata wadas?


"Jeff supports Obama's Health Care reforms"
Tom Dick and Harry like this. Again, what is it they like?

It gets more complicated when

Mala is missing Mumbai during Diwali
and Sonu and Pinky like this.

You like that which Mala is missing, or the fact that Mala is missing something?

I've even seen (I kid you not)
Natalie: "R.I.P. dear friend Victor. you will be missed"
And Joe and Moe like that!


Raj said...


Those like things are just a harmless way of letting your *friends* know that you read their stuff without actually commenting on it.

Hyp0xia said...

Good post and I agree with the above comment. There are some situations, however, where it makes sense to "like" something (e.g., when someone posts an amusing photo or a link that interests you). It's usually just a sad effort to attract more attention to your own profile.

Jazzy Jane said...

being a facebook addict has its drawbacks. like what raj said, i sometimes actually look for the 'like' button if i like a blogpost. then again, wish there was a 'dislike' button as well sometimes, be it fb or blog :P

fun post though. jane likes.

Prasoon said...

Ah the tricky like business and the debate around "facebook friends"..
i've given up.. hehehe :)

Mr. K Bodhi said...

I think the only use for Facebook is to make fun of people. Much like blogs.

You could do a Seinfeld bit on facebook. Whats up with facebook likes?

P.S. As Kramer put it, its all in the attitude.

அகிலன்(Akilan) said...

I came here to say that I 'Like' ed your post in the Google reader. :p

PS: Why did Google people put smiley face instead of thumbs up? hmmm....

Dominic M said...

Yes. It does seem very weired when someone hits the thumbs up for an RIP.
I too use the like feature of FB, but am usually careful(I hope).

nice post.