Saturday, November 14, 2009

Counting down

I have decided to take the much needed break and make a quick trip to India. Will leave over thanksgiving and come back in two weeks. So I have 12 days between now and the time I plan to leave. 12 days to clean up apartment and get it into order, to work like crazy and get experiments up to speed, to book a ticket, to do some shopping and packing.

Its a much needed but I'm still not sure if it's a wholly deserved break, work-wise. I am not at a breaking point now- I am more at a point where things are beginning to pick up. But I've realised, that in my kind of work, there's never a definite breaking point. For the first time I have decided to let work take a backseat and ask for a break unashamedly. I don't think I'll ever feel ready to take a break, so I'm just going to take one anyway.

Also, have to work on convincing my parents to "allow me" to spend a week in bombay with B before I go to hyd. I really don't know how best to do this. At 31, and having lived on my own for 8-9 years now I find it ridiculous that I have to ask for permission or possibly lie or fudge the truth to my parents so I can spend some quality time with the boyfriend. This is another first for me. In the past, I've always put my parents and their sensibilities first, wanted to be totally true to them, and possibly ended up jeopardizing relationships.The fact that my parents are mostly very open, supportive and trusting of me only makes it harder to deal with this conflict. It's been a lot easier to live life on my terms in the US- I reconciled to what they don't know won't hurt them- but going to India for all of two weeks and trying to negotiate for all this is going to be a challenge.

I remember the time I went back to India in 2007, just after I graduated. I was going to hyd for the first time since my parents had moved there. I sprung upon them my newfangled blog-friends who were going to be at the airport in hyd, and wanted to spend my first weekend in hyd with them. I was really not expecting my parents- especially my mom- to be too happy with this- [My mom has never been a fan of me spending overnights at friends etc.] - going off for a weekend with friends they never knew of- as soon as I landed in the city?. But my parents were awesome. There was not even a protest-they just wanted me to go and have a good time. (It's a different thing that my mom called me on the said friends' phones every few hours :)) -But I still remember what a blast that weekend was, and what a wonderful way it was for me to begin to accept the fact that hyd was my new home.

Although, when you say "Boyfriend" its really not the same and there's a completely different set of alarms going off in mom's head, but I was just reminded of how good sports my parents were, when I was really not expecting it.

In any case, the next few days are going to be exciting, very busy and there will be lots to look forward to. I'm already working the other list-of things to do while in india- I'm excited and hope dearly that things work out and go smoothly.


Sakshi said...

Spend "quality time" with the boy. And tell him I said hi and demanded a guest post!

Also, what are you going to bring for me?

Ni said...

oh! good. Go and have great time with the boyfriend and parents. :)

My brother once was in similar predicament, Girlfriend and parents, and I don't remember much except that I had much fun working out the permutation combination of time distribution with him. :)

tgfi said...

forget about guest post. i will bring all the love from india.

you were a much nicer sister than i was :)

Anonymous said...

Go have a great time with B. As much as we never cross the line (mostly!), that our parents made, this is something you have to do for yourself. Enjoy!!