Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Political correctness/ legalities aside,

If someone (who comes across as outgoing, perhaps a tad defensive) reveals in a job interview that they have been through a divorce, do you think its inevitable that it will raise flags about their personality/get-along-ableness etc.? Do you think its fair? And, and, and do you think the reaction to a divorced male versus divorced female job candidate would be different?


sqrlnt said...

Do you mean in the US? I don't think so.. I mean divorces are pretty common, and you never know whose fault it was anyway (if there was someone at fault). So it wouldn't bother me.. but perhaps 4 marriages might..

Shripriya said...

Er... No way. First, it is illegal to form an opinion based on that data. Second, it is plain stupid to judge someone on that. Life happens.

Sakshi said...

What Shripriya said.

And why is there WV?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


yeah i also thought it shouldn't be a big deal in the US. but apparently it can.

shripriya and copycat,
of course its illegal. hence it shocked me to see someone do it- thats when i realised ppl still judge and legality is eyewash. :( and i agree- something like marriage divorce is so complex, of all people a scientist should be beyond judging.
i will follow up this post after seeing what people say.

Ni said...

Yes. No. Yes.


Varsh said...

Judging anyone, a male/female 'se of a divorce is completely unfair is what i feel.

Someone's social and married life can be drastically different. Haven't we heard of people who breathe down their juniors' necks at work but are helpless henpecked husbands? Or ofcourse the other way round. Same applies to women too.

And favouritism during a job interview shouldn't be a factor I suppose. Its a personal matter and as long as the candidate fits the job, its of no consequence.

ggop said...

Illegal. I'm really surprised it is happening in the US. (Wouldn't be that surprised if it was India)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

So, I am now being told that i am making a big deal of what was a harmless joke/remark made by someone with reference to the candidate being a divorcee, and that of course that won't be used in decision making.

I still cannot stomach it. It is not funny, and just very bad taste.

Finally, I wonder if it's best to withhold such personal information in an interview- this is life, and it is unfortunate if one has worry about being judged on these things.

ferret said...

How can legality ensure that someone is not judged based on this. Not considering it as a factor while deciding if the candidate should be hired or not, can be enforced only if the candidate is the most competent one and can be declared so, objectively in the most absolute manner.
Otherwise, i completely agree with you, the joke is in really bad taste.
It infuriates me to no extent when ppl joke about how someone would never want to work subordinate to a woman who's sticking to her decision of not getting married.

Amit Sondhi said...

1) Do you think it's inevitable - No. In fact I find it hard to conceive that any half-decent company could survive with a hiring policy as bizzarre as that. Most recruiters (in my perception) are smarter than that.

2) Do you think it should - of course not.

3)Different for men and women - Can't really say.

Anonymous said...

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