Wednesday, November 11, 2009

small, sweet victory

Who doesn't absolutely HATE it when the vending machine swallows up your money and doesn't return change or some such malfunction. It irritates me like no other. May be because of the simultaneous snack deprivation associated with the moment..or the thought that I'm overpaying for a piece of candy as it is, and then lose more money...and as a frequent vending machine user I have had several such moments.

So today I went up to the machine and got into a similar fight with it when it wouldn't return my dollar bill and the snack I wanted was out-  and this sweet looking guy in a tie was standing behind me. I asked him in a slightly irritated tone if he wanted something and he said no, and tried to step away so he didn't seem like he was rushing me- and then I explained to him about how the machine wouldn't return my dollar back. He said "Oh" and then tried to jimmy the return button, when it didn't work, he fished into his coat and got out a big bunch of keys and unlocked the machine and took out my dollar bill from the stack of bills the machine amasses and gave it to me. Oh my god-he was the vending machine guy! this totally made my day- I could've hugged him. :)


Macho Girl said...

I havent had vending machine guys help me out... but a few times, I have had the machine dispense two cans of drink for the price of one! :P :P I think that sorta makes up for stuff ;)

Varsh said...

Oh yeah..vending machines do have this habit of taking away our money and cheat us while giving us our snack.

Whenever this has happened to me I've somehow always managed to find the vending machine guy, demonstrate my irritation and make him unlock the machine :)