Monday, November 02, 2009

The weekend that was

Was awesome. Until now. But I am not going to let one annoying thing spoil all the fun I had. So I am recording the fun part here.

1) Surprised my sis, b-i-l and niece by showing up there for Halloween. Took my niece trick/treating. It was all so much fun.

2) Gained an hour overnight. This has never failed to make me super happy- all these seven years.

3) Met up with my cool pilot friend and my best friend from school who just got back after a vacation. Was fun to hang out in the city, go shopping etc. with CPF and simply a huge relief to have BFFS back in town. Yay!

Nothing works like your girlfriends telling you that you've put on weight. Woe is me! But I have started yoga and eating right so hopefully will fix this problem. Meantime, sample this conversation

CPF: You've put on weight, tgfi.
BFfS: Ya, I also thought so, I was going to say but didn't.
Fat TGFI: Yeah, I know I know. CPF already pointed it out earlier
BFfS: Shouldn't you be losing wt, what with boyfriend gone and all that
Fat yet gracious TGFI: Anyways, both of you have lost weight
CPF: Are you kidding me...blah blah...
BFfS-absolutely-lacking-in-grace/tact-dept: Yeah, thats how it seems when you gain weight- everyone else appears as if they have lost weight.

With friends like these....:)

4) presents :)


ferret said...

With boyfriend gone and all that, you are supposed to be gaining weight only, no!? :P go get a chocolate :)

Jazzy Jane said...

u got presents for halloween??? what about the poor niece then.

Satish said...

such nice posts. i am a fan.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hahaha. exactly. :)

no, presents were belated birthday gifts. i got niece stuff for halloween- accessories for her witch costume. :)

kya re? and what was your question in the previous post. didn't get it?

Ni said...

I agree with Ferret.
You have a Pilot friend, a cool one at that. I am jealous!

Ni said...

Oh I came to tell you I mailed you the fotu last week. did you not get them?

tgfi said...

hello madam
koi photo voto nai mila. please resend.

Sakshi said...

@Ni - Why am I left out of this photu biz, huh?

@TGFI - You also send photu. Before and now. Then I will give you my expert advice for free. Send now, asap!