Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weird day

Today has been all sorts of busy and weird. I come home in the evening, had bags of groceries with me so set them down, and find that my apartment door is ajar. I experienced some deja vu thanks to this so I stepped back to check the door, it indeed was my apartment.

I was dead sure I closed it behind me while leaving. I was honestly a bit spooked by now, so I left and went back downstairs to check with the security- who was away on a smoke break or whatever. I bumped into my neighbour who said she had been in and out of her apartment in the daytime and didn't notice my door open. So I called the cops, and told them I was afraid of going back into my apartment. They came, checked out my place and it was all ok. Frankly, the only thing of value in my apartment is Kalia, my macbook. Kalia was right there where I had left him. The cops went through all the closets in the house (and there a bunch of them) and by this point my worry had shifted to how messy my apartment was and how these random cops were being privy to it. :)

They left advising me to change my lock and keeping my fire escape grill closed.

The only other explanation I can come up with is that the super came in to check on a leak or something and left it open. But the super really only comes in after I leave him at least 3 nasty notes complaining about something- and he always leaves a note in the door every time he's in the apt. - and none of that was there this time.

I am still slightly disturbed by the whole thing. I hope I wake up to some easy explanation tomorrow.


Ni said...

spooky indeed. I remember one time when I had left the door open and we lived next to an office with all sort of people in and out. nothing happened, but it did not go out my mind for days.Even now I check the door multiple times.

Varsh said...

Its scary...but nothing happened right? The cops came and checked for anything out of place..nothing's missing..i'm sure soon enough you'll get an explanation for why the door was ajar too...meanwhile please try to concentrate on something else..and try to be more careful in future..

ferret said...

so if it was not the super, and nobody else can possibly have access to the keys; somebody was smart enough to get the keys and go into your house, but an idiot enough to not lock the door behind him. Tch! i see no cause for worry :)

v said...

This is clearly a case of Paranormal Activity. The movie will confirm your worst fears.

After watching the movie, I managed to fall asleep peacefully after several attempts but when I heard a knock on my door, I almost irrigated my bed.

Amit Sondhi said...

You named your laptop! That's wonderful idea. I'll name mine too.

TGFI said...

yeah, i am embarking on obsession of checking door multiple times. And once upon a time I used to make fun of a neighbour who I could hear would repeatedly check his door everytime he closed it. sigh

Yeah..nothing happened. I am beginning to get convinced that I might've left it open- but i will change the locks any way, just to buy myself some peace of mind.

:) awesome logic.

LOL @ irrigating bed. Am not seeing that movie. def not now.

what did you name him/her???

Amit Sondhi said...

Subedar Bakhtawar Singh Kalsi

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL! I like!