Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yeah baby!

It's not like I got any paper published. Heck- I don't even have any in prep or in anywhere near. But this is as sweet a victory. I got a check in the mail today for two hundred and forty dollars from the medical clinic. The cost of having to see a doctor at this clinic when I had just moved into this city and didn't have my insurance papers, although I was covered by my employer. Then I had to fill out tons of paper work to claim the money. After one round of endless chasing, Blue effing Cross Blue effing Shield then sent the money to the medical clinic instead of me, because apparently that's how they are set up to pay. Yes, the money I paid in cash, from my pocket, gets "reimbursed" to the clinic. Then I had to spend another few months co-ordinating between the insurance co and the clinic, badger and stalk the clinic, until I finally received my check today. In between, of course, the usual happened with my forms "getting lost in mail", getting "mangled by fax machine" and god knows what else. If I hadn't kept up, taken down names and kept detailed notes I know for sure I'd never have gotten my money back.

Two hundred and forty dollars. I can't believe I had to work so hard for it. Twice.


Tabula Rasa said...

epic. savor it!

v said...

You should make a movie!