Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow weekend

Was awesome. I managed to create this crater-like depression where I sat planted on the couch for most part, watching the snowfall outside. Lots of chai, hot chocolate and Malgudi Days and The Office to keep me company.

A long time ago, I put together all the Hindustani instrumental music from my collection and from cds from my sister and friends' collections into a single CD for a friend. I had a lot of fun putting it together, but I realized that I never sat and heard the whole thing myself. My playlist of choice is mostly peppy stuff- mostly "bad" bollywood dhinchaak. But I finally heard this collection over the weekend, and wish I had done it earlier! Some lovely, calming/soothing/beautiful tracks in there.

It's Monday morning, I need to get out of the house finally, and I am terrified of stepping out now. :-o

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Sakshi said...

Aww... Poor you. We had a gorgeous weekend -mostly sunny and about 70F.