Friday, January 15, 2010

Bheja fry ho gaya

TEXT HAITI TO 90999 TO DONATE $10 TO THE RED CROSS TOWARDS A RELIEF FUND. This works superbly- they charge the $10 to your phone bill. So no credit card number entering, nothing. You send the text, reply to a follow up message to confirm, and that's it. Of course, it's a pain if you want to donate more than $10, but for starters, at least do it in this extremely simple way.

There was a time the burn-out period set in after weeks of intense work, all-nighters, exams etc. Clearly I am aging because I've had a crazy week- that only involved 12-hour work days, no nights, no exams no nothing, but I cannot think clearly anymore. I've been doing the lab-bed-lab routine for a few days now- enjoyed it while it lasted, pretty much working off the rush and anticipation that an experiment would work. Well it didn't, but I am one baby step closer and need a break now. Realized that when I got off the wrong floor off the elevator this morning, and while ending phone conversations with no recollection of what was spoken.

Another good friend is leaving town. It sucks. Her place was my home away from home in some sense. As in, it was closer than going to my sisters place. :) (I am spoilt like that). I might not have gone there often, but it was the psychological comfort of being able to, whenever I felt like -knowing that her husband would make me chai or a stiff drink, and she would humor me and remind me of life-lessons I tend to forget. She is moving on to better things so I am happy for her, but it really sucks that she's going away :(. It is also becoming the theme these days, people are moving cities and countries, following jobs and careers. Geographical comfort zones are fast disappearing.

Long distance relationships are hard, but evolve in their own special way, and that can be fun to experience and observe. B came up with this awesome idea of a "book date", - wherein we both pick up a book and read it together, discussing it as we go along. We've decided to start with Shantaram, and I'm loving this idea. So much better than us fighting over the same book. :)

I have joined the ranks of people that whine because their phone message wishing someone a happy birthday was not returned while the birthday-celebrator took time to personally respond to each and every wish on facebook. Boo.

B, a recent R2I, often complains about the utter lack of work ethic and systems in Mumbai. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a similar set up. It took me 2 weeks of calling/requesting/harassing the maintenance staff at my workplace to get someone to come and fix the lights over my bay. Even then, they did a slipshod job and things are still not fixed properly. What with it getting dark by 4 pm, it has become a serious problem at work. And don't even get me started on the utter lack of any initiative to do things at the doctor's office. All they had to do was get an authorization from my insurance company and schedule an MRI for me- and they dragged their feet over that and only after I repeatedly called, followed up, cross-checked with all parties involved, I got that done. And today, again I get a call about it saying some piece of paper is missing and they cannot do it without that. Bloody inefficiency all over the place.

OK, so much for bheja fry I need to shut the laptop and really relax now. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow... I love the book date idea! Sure a wonderful way to bond.. wish we came up with that 7 months ago! :(
Now, we are back to fighting over the same book soon...

ferret said...

So that means, when you do finally r2I, you'll have two copies of each book,, can i have the extras please :)
see i'm trying to develop reading habit as part of my 2009's mid year resolutions. I finished 0.95 books (the end was too dragging) and moved to the next one. But i think i will like Shantaram,, please be kind enough :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ms T,
why dont u have 1 electronic and 1 paper copy? :)

book reading is a great resolution to make. although, i can't help. one of the awesome things about US is public libraries. i will be borrowing all the books for our book dates. :)

ggop said...

TGFI - ignoring a phone message but replying to FB wishes really sucks. Your annoyance is justified.