Saturday, January 30, 2010

The office

So I got a new baymate. I was looking forward to an addition to the lab who is non-chinese speaking so I'd have some company. Baymate speaks great english, but is not that chatty either. But, I hope, nothing a few post-doc beer socials can't ice-break. My major problem is that baymate, with all her color-coded-organized-ness and discipline seems to have come here purely to make me feel like scum of earth. I am convinced that that is her sole purpose in joining my lab, working in my bay! First of all, she shows up to work before 8 am. I mean, c'mon already. And she has a 30 min drive, while I live right down the street and saunter in at 10 AM. She has arranged all her papers and notebooks in color-coded folders and what not. I am sure the pages are sorted by date, time, experiment, and god knows what else. She has a neatly placed stapler and 3-hole punch sitting in the same place even after she has used it umpteen times, as the sound of that 3-hole punch is beginning to get on my nerves. So while my desk looks like it will come down any minute with the weight of papers dumped on it in the most imbalanced fashion, hers is pristine and clean and always looks tip-top. She is calm, cool, collected and super-efficient. I, on the other hand, continue to talk to myself at my untidy desk and find myself making an appointment with a shrink soon to take care of the rapidly developing complex. :)


muddled grad student said...

I have an office mate like that too...comes in at 8 and his desk is always in pristine arrangement. And he's managed to keep this up for the past two years!! Me, I think i'm more like you, there is a pile of papers and stuff on one side of my desk with some room to rest my hands in front of the comp.

Sayan said...

Hi. Stumbled onto here.

I completely identify with your situation. Hence I have always strived and very successfully so to prevent any addition to my group in my age category. Result: Guilt free work-life.

Kits said...

Oh but am a big believer in 'I am so wonderfully organised in my disorganisation'.

aequo animo said...

Does these things matter? if you are getting your publications on time?
Must be a side effect of convent education!! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

muddled grad student,
2 whole years eh? you ever got the tiny urge to go mess up his desk? ;)

hahaha! I however, am glad for the company. We definitely need more hands in our lab.


LOL @ Convent education. :))