Sunday, January 17, 2010

The perfect gift

just like the perfect dissertation, doesn't exist. And I face similar paralysis when it comes to buying a present for really close friends, as I did when I had to turn in my dissertation. It has to pass my own long list of high standards: should be something utilitarian, should be something they will like, should not be cliched, should be this that and the other. The result- the dissertation just doesn't get done- I mean, the gift just doesn't get given. Unlike postponing the submission which is also accompanied by remorse and frustration, I do enjoy dwelling on gift choosing to some extent. But it also gets tedious after a while, not to mention the fact that the job just remains undone.

So my new year resolution (a bit late) is to give these close friends their gifts- even if they are cliched, common and do not fit all my standards (or theirs?) i'm going with the idea that its the thought that counts, and plenty thought has gone with no action here!

Audience question: what was the best birthday/wedding/graduation present you got? Not things which have deeper meaning (like something good for sentimental reasons but cannot be translated to different contexts) but gifts that were good just on their own steam?


ferret said...

few of my favorite gifts are, two watches that i got and a pearl jewellery set.
So, i absolutely love watches,, one watch i got as a gift from Ru, love it for how awesome that watch looks. And another casual one from my sis, which is actually a hand me down,, but then she knew how much i'd loved that watch and looked for something like that. So she finally gifted it to me :)

And then this pearl jewellery set, its from a college friend, who knew how i stay away from jewellery,, and would never buy for myself. It's simple and pretty, suits most occassions when i need to wear jewellery.

oh and from what i've gifted to friends, one thing that i'd liked was a dart board.

For gifts, mostly i try to buy stuff that someone would like to have but wouldn't want to spend their money on.

La vida Loca said...

gift cards!

Pedro Garcia Millan said...


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ggop said...

Hip hop CD culled from a friend's library. She made it carefully after downloading a set of songs from iTunes. It was very thoughtful.