Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Slow tuesday. I woke up early and could have gotten an early start but...just chose to get lazy instead. I think the 3-day weekend is spilling over. :)

I had a great weekend. Caught up with so many friends- that alone had a very re-energizing effect on me. I also bought one-and-a-half gifts, going with my resolution. I am quite excited about how the gift buying shaped up.

Don't know why there is that lingering sadness to my day then. There are things that bother me that I try to push away because I can do nothing about them. I guess I should at least acknowledge that they bother me- might reduce some of the helplessness I feel in some ways..We tend to rationalize everything that is beyond our control just to help get us through it- there is no choice but to go along, right? But once in a while its okay to throw up your hands and say this effing sucks and I wish I had it better.

My get up and go mantra is playing so I will get moving...I wanna chiggy wiggy.....:)

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