Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am sharing this in an almost orkutian testimonial way- an old friend I reconnected with wrote to me that I have a unique quality of not holding against good friends some of the really stupid/annoying/hurtful things they said/did to me. I am having such shitty days in lab and in life, that this brightened up my day like no other. Said friend is also guilty of one or two of those stupid things, as I am sure I am too. But I am glad (in a really non-self-righteous way- although there's no way of saying such a thing non-self-righteously-heh) that I was the "bigger" person, metaphorically speaking. In spite of all that went on between us that led to us dropping out of touch, I always thought of her fondly and she is a part of some of my really happy memories. I couldn't wait to share the news of my upcoming marriage with her and it feels great to finally catch up after all these years.

This blog friend (who said she was returning to blogging and all that jazz) alerted me to a yoga workshop in my neck of the woods..- so I made the two hour trek because I really needed some yoga in my life. Now who eats dinner just 30 mins before a yoga workshop? A very hungry me, that's who. The workshop was called "Subtle tools of yoga" so I hoped the yoga would also be subtle and easy to do on a full stomach. :p Well- I lucked out, this is the first yoga workshop I have been to that did not involve any kind of convolution of limbs or stretching of muscles I didn't know existed. They talked all about the mind-breath-body connection, did a few breathing exercises, but mostly demonstrated the importance of breath as an indicator of our state of mind and body. The importance of feeding our mind with good thoughts all the time. Sure, well-known facts by now, but we all could use reminders like these. My mantra has been, since then, to convert every negative thought to a positive one. It's been 24 hours now and I have succeeded in applying it to several situations already - including a couple unpleasant ones that had me frothing and fuming at the start. I am so happy I went and I hope to continue practising what I learned there.

OK I had a lot more stuff to blog about but I can't stop yawning and really need to get to lab early tomorrow. Over and out.


Dewdrop said...

Mind-body connection is the best part of Yoga. I have also practised Yoga and so much enjoyed doing it. Good to know that you are able to convert negetive thoughts to positive ones. Do let me know the trick :)

Magnus said...

Nice blog, happened to stumbleupon it. you got another subscriber.

Maybe sometimes depressing thoughts can also turn out to be inspiring.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

there is no trick..just simply stop the negative thought and smile and think of something happy. :)

welcome, and thanks :). yeah you are right, something positive comes out of depressing thoughts too..