Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long weekend

It's the long weekend and I wish I were with my sis and niece- esp. after last week when she asked me on the phone "TGFI pinni can you please come here?". Instead I'm going to pretty much be spending most of it in the lab, setting up back-to-back experiments hoping that something gives for a decent story for me to tell in my talk later this week. It's not fun to work under such pressure any more- I remember a time I used to thrive on this kind of feeling- now- I feel like I should've moved beyond this kind of data-desperation and be generating something useful on a week-to-week basis. After all I spend long hours in the lab, I need to re-assess my work every week so I know I am not losing track or just getting sucked into wasteful activities or useless pursuits. It doesn't help that my boss is useless in some ways- always preaching something I am fully aware of, or not wanting to let go of methods being used in the lab for the longest time to make way for newer ones. Bosses and their egos and defensiveness. Very tiresome.

Ah well, I needed to vent. Off I go, work work work. Experiments, please work.

QOTD comes from my 4 yo niece- who had a "Valentines day party" at her school - they had music and dancing and she was telling her mom what a good time she had, and "Some people did not dance, because they have attitude". LOL.

Oh, I have planned to go see MNIK tonight, so I do have something fun to look forward to. :)

In other news, I read about this - A U of Alabama professor shoots and kills 3 of her dept. colleagues apparently after she found out she was not getting tenure! It's about time people rethink gun laws in this country. What a terrible thing to happen - for people to lose lives, people to lose their loved ones, and for a department to lose 3 of its faculty in one mindless spree like this one! Gosh.


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Kits said...

How was MNIK?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

didn't see it. :) got put off by all the bad reviews.