Tuesday, February 09, 2010

One of those days

when I feel like crawling right back into bed and pulling the covers over myself and sleeping until next week! Working to get some data for a talk I have to give next week, and, at the same time pressurized to get another project moving which is moving too slowly...so it's hard to stay focused on one thing. I have stuck it a note to my computer that says "Focus, one thing at a time" and hope to keep at it.

I could totally use a snow day, although I just went and bought me a new heavy-duty coat to brave the snow that threatens to attack the east coast tomorrow. The idea being to be able to get into work come rain or snow because of all these urgent pressing tasks. I thought I'd pull off through this winter without this second coat- but finally decided that I really needed it to make it through that 15 min walk to lab on the terribly windy and snowy days, and there's probably a good few coming our way. Decided that I can pass the coat off to my sister, or even may be sell it by the end of the year. Shopping for a winter coat at the fag end of the season is no fun. I got slim pickings and no discount- so felt cornered into buying one that is practical and functional but not my first choice in terms of look and colour. Ah well. At least I know I will be warm on the walks to lab now, wearing my expensive coat that cost more than the clothes, shoes and bag I will be wearing beneath. :)

OK. Off I go, another day, another few PCRs and what not.

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