Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow day

The one thing that sucks about not having a commute" to work is that you are expected to show up, come rain or snow. In fact, my lab pretty much relies on my being there and taking care of any emergency stuff that might arise, orders etc.

I so badly want to go to bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a book. This is just the weather for that.

The recurring theme in my past few "nightmares" has been guests showing up at home unexpectedly. And, discovering my laundry tower and dirty dishes tower, each competing high rises in their own right. In one dream the friend that showed up unexpectedly even offered to do my dishes. I wish that dream comes true now. Going away all weekend and coming home in the evenings too tired to clean up has led to my place becoming an absolute out of control mess, and its haunting me. Tomorrow, I will put a hold on everything else and just clean up.

One of the random things that make my day: fun cab driver conversations. I had one yesterday with a really adorable cab driver from Kenya. He was all upset about his "god-son" going to bangalore and marrying an Indian woman. He wouldn't stop ranting about it. Telling me about how important familial ties are, how adjustments are huge in such marriages etc etc. I hemmed and hawwed along, because I was really very tired. Then he helped me bring all my bags into the door of the building, and said "Six RU-PEES please" and let out a loud guffaw. Quite an adorable grandpa-type he was.

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milieu said...

Nice Story! All part of life!