Thursday, February 11, 2010


I totally enjoyed snow day yesterday. I was in lab and working for most of it, but it was beautiful outside, and looked even better through the nice large windows in my lab. There was some sense of happiness and cheer as I went about my work- perhaps because I was really experiencing this kind of weather for the first time. My walks to and from lab were also fun- as I played with the snow along the way- there was about 2 feet of it accumulated by evening when I came home. The feeling of walking on soft snow was quite nice. It was a challenge to get off the sidewalk onto the street, as it was hard to tell when my foot would sink right in- my awesome snow shoes did a good job. The snow covered trees, houses etc. all of it made for a very picturesque sight. At the risk of sounding terribly cheesy I'll say that there was something magical about the look of it all that I really enjoyed.

I did not wear my expensive coat. I decided to manage with my other (Also expensive and warm, just not waterproof) woolen coat and thermals, and return this expensive coat. Buyers remorse of its worst kind. :/

Today is another day though. New developments. I'm trying to separate how I feel about it versus how I want to feel about it, versus how I should feel, versus how I can feel. Sigh. Life is not easy sometimes.

Oh bloody valentine day announcements all over the place. Irritate me like no other.

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Sakshi said...

Awww. Here, have some heart shaped chocolates.

Also, thank you for this informative post.