Thursday, February 18, 2010


Blogging while I should be working- ah- I need a break so desperately.

My dad was the one to tell me about googlebuzz- I had no clue - but I was quite put off by it- I keep my email open all day long just so I can keep up with email- rarely ever chat at work - and buzz was just cluttering it all up for me. So I turned it off.

I have a few friends- most of them in India (and may be its because we're online opposite times) from whom I get a lot of pointless "hey what's up" "aur bata" and "kya khabar" pings on gtalk....during my work day - even when I have my busy status on. I guess going invisible is the solution here. But I'm in a stressed and irritable mood now so instead, every time I get one of these pings I respond with a barrage of hey whats up, aur bata, kya khabar, so, whats going on. Totally pre-empting the bugger. Cheap thrills.

A friend who's been having a really rough spate of months, years, even, said to me "Thak gaya hoon logon ki facebook updates dekh dekhkar. I also want to have something good to share". This whole put your life out there on f/b, discuss your weekend plans, your bra colour, your yeast infection, your kids poop and what not on public domain is creating a different wave of social peer pressure- in a much more global way. It was one thing to be a nifty tool to go find long lost friends, and a whole different thing to just make it into exhibitionfest. One look at the banal exchanges on twitter- and I wonder- why can't these people just have IM-conversations? Why this need to have everyone else privy to your discussion, "because we can"? All in the name of "Social networking". I am beginning to more and more agree with my sister here, who, despite all my pleas has stayed away from FB because she'd like to leave somethings to chance and serendipity. And wouldn't like to broadcast every event in her life. There is a bit of sensitivity too, that goes into leading a slightly less exhibitionist lifestyle. The awareness that there are many others out there that don't have it as nice as you- be it jaunts to Paris, the best coiffured hair-dos and shiny black dresses etc. At one time, these memories were meant for sharing within a small circle of people that mattered- today- it's just out there. For all to see. To evoke joy, resentment and envy. All at once.

Don't know where i'm going with my rant. I am just waiting to download a really huge file and its taking forever, so this little deviation instead. Back to work.


Sayan said...

Astute obervations. Let me put this link up as my FB and twitter status. :P

On a serious note, social not-working is what will ultimately define the cultural history of the noughties. Twenty years from now it would be be good to look back and smile on its inanities and wonder why we were crazy about it. Just like the baby-boomers look back on the sixties today.

Anonymous said...

This was a lovely post :). Nice spin on social networking; noone *calls* it exhibitionism despite knowing it is, simply because everyone is guilty of it themselves. I think.

Sakshi said...

Isnt blogging exhibitionism too?

I have to say for someone who is on twitter, buzz, facebook and blogs, I dont get why everything has to be shared. People tend make obvious and rather inane remarks on all social platform and their defense, of course, is *You dont have to read/follow me*. Hence people like you and me, wonder if something is the matter with us for not jumping on this band wagon. I still have to figure out what the hell is my problem with this information sharing :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

social "not"working indeed. :)

yes you are right, we are all guilty of it in varying degrees. I know I am making a conscious effort to taper it down.

let me know when you figure that out :)
Yes, blogging is exhibitionist too, agreed.

Anonymous said...

Sensitivity?Less exhibitionist?Others don't have it as nice?Sheesh - parochial views!Because I'm having a whirl of a time (don't feel the need to hide it) and want to express that (just as you're doing on your blog), and because someone else may not be going through the same thrill rides that I am...?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

nobody's asking you to hide it. i guess people died of happiness overload and all this pent up need to "express" before blogs/facebook came, eh? Get real. I don't even think anyone is thinking about the pure joy of expression while broadcasting things on facebook any more- its just the done thing. a herd mentality.

i have already agreed that blogging is exhibitionism- and hence, am guilty of it too. However, I don't go overboard blogging the good bits of my life = there's plenty of unhappy stuff on my blog too. Then again, it is up to anyone what you choose to broadcast. Just be aware that it evokes a variety of sentiments from others.

in any case, to each his/her own.