Saturday, February 27, 2010


I want to get back into blogging seriously. I mean some well-composed posts and not random WOMM and incomplete sentences. I realise that this was actually the one hobby I had.

Lets see. Not now, though- now I am really tired and exhausted from stomach sickness. That's the other thing- I am getting this very often. I really need to stop eating out- at least these greasy pizza places that always make me sick. It's not like I eat there often, but I do every once a while, and each time it makes me sick- last night was the worst so far. So I should just stop doing eating out. I am afraid of all the damage I might be doing to my stomach lining. :/

My sis and her family are out of town for a few months. They just left and when we talked on the phone today- me trying to understand and decipher what my niece was saying- her trying to "show" me her book on the phone thinking we were "Video-chatting" when we weren't. I got a small taste how it would be like when I finally R2I in less than a year from now. B complains a lot about missing the US. The place, the efficiency, the weather, the roads, the friends, the no pollution- basically- the life. For me- everything else I imagine I can do without- more so because I am preparing for it now, unlike B who didn't have the same opportunities to prepare for his return -but not being able to see my niece at regular intervals- that is going to do it for me. Most times I try not to think about it- it is a horribly depressing thought. I have composed posts on it a few times and then deleted the post because I couldn't bear to acknowledge it. But today it really hit home. And while I am usually good at rationalizing most things for myself in my head when they don't go the way I wished they would, this I cannot come to terms with. It just plain sucks and I wish it weren't so.


Sakshi said...

Having done it for 8 years now, I can tell you straight up - It sucks!

But with video chatting, writing letters, phone calls and such, it is bearable. Barely. But imagine if the technology was not there!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah you are right..imagine if these options didnt exist! i just skyped with my niece. :)