Friday, March 12, 2010


It rained like crazy- and its cold as hell and windy- and i thought my ears would fall off on my way back home..and the weekend is pretty much screwed. I have a house full of guests starting tonight- I am not very much in the mood though - mixture of work fatigue and what not.

It is funny how, some people call you completely out of the blue at a time when you could really use a chat. I love it when that was one such day- and a very crazy day at that- where I could barely afford to come up for air at work. The phone call was a welcome surprise and distraction.

Apparently there's a "Simple Living Institute" now. "an organization devoted to helping people attain happiness through a lifestyle called voluntary simplicity, or simple living".  WTF. Are they giving out diplomas too?

I am sorely missing my sis and niece. :'(

Why is baingan such a widely hated vegetable? Inspite of being baingan raja? I made some awesome baingan ka bhartha- even if i say so myself- well i have to say so myself because someone just passed it and wanted to order pizza instead. Pah.

I am quite an ageist- I tend to easily write off as "immature" anyone who is a few years younger than me- and tend not to have too much patience while talking to them.

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