Sunday, March 21, 2010


Awesome weekend. First, the weather is tops. Got to meet up with good friends and that makes me happy always. Got good news from India. Two of my best friends from school called to say they won't make it to my wedding. Don't know how that happened, but both are expecting babies around the same time! Heh. :) I am super happy for them, even though I wish they had planned better ;) I also got a tiny bit of work done too, and a lot of spring cleaning. All in all, very satisfying.

Interlaced in the happy stuff was the annoying stuff. I had been working on getting a surprise birthday cake delivered to B- who is traveling to all kinds of fancy places. First was all the sleuthing to find out his travel plans and the hotel he'd be staying at. Then I went back and forth with the hotel, jumping through hoops of international phone calls, time zones, accents and communication, credit card authorizations and what not, only to have the hotel drop the ball at the last minute and the cake didn't get delivered. I was more disappointed than B, of course, who had no clue what had been brewing for so long. But it was frustrating. Ah well.

Then- eating terrible Indian food at the Indian section in Whole Foods buffet (but this I have only myself to blame- the food didn't even look too appetizing- what was I expecting?). A horribly rude bartender at the bar last night. Out of whack train schedules last night. On my way back home, as I decided to let the slow local pass by hoping for an express train, the conductor was actually nice enough to inform me that the express trains were not running, and I took the local. That was an awesome gesture on his part.

Have been reading the story of Henrietta Lacks all day yesterday- the longer subway rides meant that I got through more than half of the book. The story has been weighing on me so much- all else -rude bartenders- undelivered birthday cakes- and whatever else I'd typically rant about till the cows come home- pale and seem terribly inconsequential and insignificant.

I haven't finished my book- and I promise to post a more detailed write up of my thoughts when I'm done- for now- I'm just grappling with the stark realities detailed in the book. And even though I'm only half-way, I strongly recommend the book to all scientists, doctors, reporters, writers - actually just about anyone..there is so much to learn from this story, and it is told in a very engaging and provoking way.


Tabula Rasa said...

thanks for the book reco! looks fascinating.

inquizitive said...

I used to read your blog till last year and then my hard disk crashed and I lost all bookmarks..your site too...didnt subscribe to the RSS feed...and from somewhere, today I got it again. And its weird but it feels like I met and old acquaintance...

Congrats for the marriage ! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Professor TR,
Do let me know if you get to reading it..

inquizitive ,
Hey! And welcome back..and thanks :)