Sunday, April 04, 2010

Links from here and there

Some posts must be made mandatory reading- like here Here's the first para:
Life gets more pedestrian every day. And far from being aware of this fact, we appear to revel in its fall-out without even realizing the implications of our choices. Take malls, for example. In what way are they a suitable entertainment option? If you need something, you show up and buy it. Or you show up, browse and buy it. Or go window shopping and indulge the odd whim. But who actively steps out saying “Ooh, let’s randomly hang around at a mall without an agenda and cloak ourselves in consumerism, ignoring more appropriate cultural/cerebral/child-friendly pursuits”?

Then this morning I happened to read this via Desipundit that said "Our Apple iPad arrived this morning. It is an amazing piece of technology that greatly enhances media consumption and interactivity. It is a perfect fit in our household and perfectly serves the need of an half-computer"

I am no techie (although I do confess I have some bits of appple-fangirl-ism in me), but I don't know why words like "perfect half-computer" and "enhances media consumption" made me giggle.

Although I think this tweet by cgawker says it all "A great feature of the iPad is that it frees up your laptop so it can be used as a drink holder." :)


Patrix said...
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Patrix said...

Would it have made you giggle if it wasn't an Apple product? Think about it.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hmm..may be yes it would have. but interesting thought. congrats on your new acquisition. :)

palscape said...

Thanks. You've made my day. Let's just it wasn't due to the first link :)