Friday, April 02, 2010


I've had a very tiring day. Wish I could come home and crash, but there's the tiny matter of dinner, which, if avoided, will transform into a raging migraine tomorrow. Am totally out of groceries and don't want to order I have to rough up something. And the sink is full of dishes. Oh man. Thank god for Maggi. I used up my last packet that was saved for a rainy day.

Although, weather-wise, today was beautiful and sunny. I wish I could've gone out..but things just kept dragging on at work. On my way back home I saw a bunch of post-docs all dressed up to go downtown. I felt pangs of jealousy..I don't know any people around here to plan a fun night out with...I only made half-hearted attempts at socializing with the crowd here, and being in a lab that straddles different departments means that I don't enjoy that sense of belonging to any particular department. That said, for non-socializing purposes, I very much enjoy the strong post-doc network and sense of community around here. But most friendships I strike up end with the "We must get together sometime..." and never materialize. I am as guilty in not making further efforts.

Ah well.. in the midst of all that cribbing about friendless-ness I just remembered I did get invited out a couple hours earlier today, if only I wasn't stuck in the lab. So there. I can stop complaining about lack of friends. I :)

I am super happy with the supervisor of our building of late. I have always chatted with him and greeted him when I see him around, and even left thank-you notes when their work totally exceeded my expectations. This morning I left a complaint slip about a light that needed to be fitted with new bulbs. When I walked in this evening and flicked the switches on everywhere it's like "Aaya naya ujaala!". :) He replaced all the faulty bulbs- when I was making do with one or two working bulb in each set. (Each light has 4 bulbs).

This post is totally random. I am bored and wish I were out gallivanting in the city. I am going to try and get some roaming about done over the weekend.

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