Friday, May 28, 2010

AT & T really does suck

Update again: AT & T called me later in the day and told me they had canceled my account and taken care of the charges. I have yet to see a check, but I hope it is in the mail.

So update: I called AT&T this morning again, to disconnect my service with them. They start by trying to talk me out of it, and mention that my last bill was only $65! I say, yeah, that's $65 for not using your service at all! I was with Metro PCS all of last month.

Then, the lady says, well, that means your port wasn't completed properly and that should be a good enough indication for you about your new service provider.

I tell her that I have talked to them and they say they did everything necessary and this is the third time I'm calling AT&T and they are telling me that it is my new carrier's fault that my old account is not cancelled.

While AT&T is looking into it and keeping me on hold, having me listen to their wonderful music and advertisement, I call up Metro PCS using a separate phone.

I get the same shpeil from Metro PCS- "we did everything and transferred the port on 14th April".

Then At&T comes back on line- I am talking to both customer reps simultaneously and have them on speaker so they can hear each other. At this point I ask Metro PCS, short of taking both these companies to court, since both of you claim its not your fault, what else can I do to not have to pay two cell phone bills for the same month for the same number?"

Metro PCS says "You need to call AT&T" and lo and behold,

AT&T says "Er.. I looked into it and it seems like it was a fault at our end".

Seriously? It took me 3 hour-long phone calls to get you to see that?

And then, I am given a ticket, and told that I will be refunded all charges.

And then, they still have the gall to try to talk me into coming back to AT&T. In the same phone conversation where they first blame the other company, then admit it is a "Technical error" at their end, they then try to talk me into coming back to them!

Times of India reporters and AT&T technical/customer support all need to go get a dose of that thing called shame.


P said...

I hate AT&T too. They charge so much and they have the worst connection, even in a place like Bay Area!! I had verizon in a small town in Ohio and could get great signal in basements, window-less labs. Last year I switched to AT&T to be on the same plan as J. Now I can't get a decent signal even in above-ground rooms with big windows! I'm eagerly waiting for my contract to be over. After reading your blog, now I'm afraid how much trouble I'll be in when I want to disconnect. Verizon was absolutely great when I disconnected their service. The operator just asked why I want to disconnect and that was all. No derogatory comment, no trying to change my mind. The whole process took a 2 min call.

Ni said...

This is universal then. I will put up my Airtel story ob blog, its good. :)

Kits said...

Oh my loved that last line about TOI reporters! :):)