Thursday, May 27, 2010

Effing AT&T


Over a month ago, I switched my service from ATT to Metro PCS. Now that move in itself was a stupid move in some ways. Metro PCS coverage sucks and a few a days after the switch I went to D.C. for 5 days and had absolutely ZERO signal everywhere. So I was phone-less for the entire duration and had to use to public phones and random strangers phones to make and keep plans that I had to meet up with people while in D.C.

Inspite of that, I stuck to MetroPCS- mainly because it is so cheap, and the signal is fairly decent while I am in my home city. It's $45 for unlimited calls and texts- and given all the texting I do to India (ATT would charge $0.25 per intl text) and I was forced to use the higher rate plan with ATT given all the daytime talking I did to India. With Metro PCS I was saving over $30 a month, and I put that towards getting myself vonage. For the most, I was very pleased with all of these and saving whatever little money I was. And, I wasn't overpaying for a service which I could get for lesser.

Of course, nothing is so simple in life. MetroPCS said that once they ported my number over from ATT (which would take 24 - 72 hours to complete) my ATT account would get canceled. A month later, I still get a bill from ATT. Go figure! I call up ATT, and they say Metro PCS needs to do something to complete the port. A whole effing month later?! WTF. Of course Metro PCS throws the ball back to ATT and the story goes on.

So I call back ATT and explained the situation to them- After a 45 minute phone call, they tell me they can't cancel my account- and Metro PCS needs to do it! What the fuck is that supposed to mean? The account is with ATT and I am calling them and asking them to cancel it- and they tell me they cannot do it! Beyond ridiculous. I finally had them refund last month's payment (Which went out automatically from my credit card) and de-linked that credit card. After all this, they were still unable to cancel my account.

So I call ATT again, and this time, simply say- I am calling to cancel my account. This time the guy takes on a sympathetic tone and asks me "Oh- do you know anyone who can take up the responsibility of payment from you?" What the fuck? I asked him what he meant by that and he says "Well- do you know anyone who would need a phone and you can transfer your phone to them so they can keep the account" and then asks me if I would like to talk to someone about a more affordable rate plan. Cancel my goddamn account and take your stupid crap elsewhere!


nightflier said...

glad to know there are other dissatisfied people like me (in a sadistic way :D)
but seriously the lack of customer care at ATT is highly disappointing!

Anonymous said...

why dont you get Sprint. You have 3g all over. If you have AAA you can save 10off ur bill and you have nationwide coverage also you can get skype on the phone to text on an android phone and text for free. Sprint has a larger 3g coverage than ATT and you get better service.
Why did you get Metro PCS.. Your paying for service you cant use. I would go with the 70 plan by sprint minus the discount. You be cheap you pay in the long run