Monday, May 03, 2010

Questions for any post-docs in India

When I decided to plan my R2I, to follow B, one of the things I said I would NOT do is go back to India to do another post-doc. I would have invested 3 years as a post-doc here by then and it just seemed like a huge step down to me, money-wise, and status-wise. I was also super clear that I wanted to get into industry so a post-doc was irrelevant.

I am strongly reconsidering academia now. May be it's a passing phase, may be the conference I went to has messed with my head- and these confusions merit a whole different post in themselves- but I want to do some homework about post-doc-ing in India.

It is apparent to me that I won't make the cut to faculty positions in India with my current CV. So, then, that makes doing another post-doc something I may have to look into. I am wording all these statements with heavy caution because I am really loath to doing another post-doc, and especially so in India. But if there are any post-docs out there - post-docs in India - esp. in Life Sciences-, who read this blog, I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me a few things: either as comments here or an email to I will respect your anonymity. Some of the questions I have:

1) How long do the post-docs last in India?
2) Where does the funding come from?
3) What do you get paid?
4) How much independence do you have in your project?
5) And what percentage of people who do a post-doc there go on and get into faculty positions in India?
6) Do they get absorbed by the same institution or is that not encouraged?

Thanks in advance..


anantha said...

I think you should email a few people like Abinandanan ( & Arun Narasimhan ( I think they'll will have better insights to give, given that both of them are in academics in India after spending a few years in the US. Don't think either of them are in Life Sciences, but they are good at this sort of thing!

anantha said...

And oh, though this is not the relevant post, congratulations on the wedding news :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks Anantha. and thanks for the idea, I will write to Abi. how is R2I treating you? Why aren't you blogging more about it? You promised you would!

anantha said...

Haha! Good. I thought I did promise, but wasnt sure if it was here that I made it. I will get around to doing it. My R2I experience is good professionally. Personally its been a little on the bad side, but I have to live with that :) I did post something in Feb, I think, which dwelt partly on it. But a longer post is due. I've this habit of shutting down when I dont have positive things to share and things are personally not that positive. But like I said, it is personal. Don't let that worry you. From what I read here, your situation is different from mine :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks for sharing, anantha. Hope things look up for you on the personal front soon. good to hear that professionally things are good- i did read your post- and the bit about networking to get a job definitely struck a chord...i think professional happiness has a big impact on personal happiness, so i'm hoping i find the same...