Monday, June 14, 2010


It's called the post-bachelorette party smile.

There were men. Several hot men with awesome bodies. At the beck and call of women.

All those dollar bills I had been collecting got put to good use.

I am taking the hangover to India.

BUT..what happens in hunk-o-mania stays in hunk-o-mania!


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Shaking it off

I have a newly acquired interest/bystander's (standing very far away) curiosity in dogs. Lets say I went from abject fear and being repelled to a teeny tiny bit of affinity. No prizes for guessing where I acquired this trait.

Anyhow- ever seen a dog take a dip in water and come out and shake itself vigorously all over, spraying that water everywhere? Making that flapping noise? We had a dog that had made its home in our building, near the entry. In a smelly corner. Come rains, and that would be a smelly wet corner. Sometimes, I'd walk into the building, and watch the dog get up, shake off all that filthy water and walk away leaving a horrendously smelly air behind.

The best part was how he'd coolly walk away, totally oblivious to the stench he had created in the atmosphere. It was so easy for him. Today I feel like that dog. I've been stewing in all kinds of negativity and moroseness and self-pity and a whole lot of professional insecurity and lack of confidence. Finally, I decided to shake it all off, and walk away from it with my head held high. And never look behind. And, if I fall into another ditch, I will walk away and shake it off in just the same way- because now I know how.

Monday, June 07, 2010


I am full of mixed feelings these days. They say its natural with the wedding approaching. People ask me if I am excited- yes, I am. But it is not pure unadulterated excitement. There's excitement for seeing B after six odd months, excitement for us being married and excitement for the wedding. There's an accompanying feeling of concern for the financial drain the wedding is on my parents, the worry about when and where and how both B and I will find jobs in the city we want to move to to care best for his dad, and, how life is going to be once we get there- leaving my cosy life in the US, my sis, b-i-l and niece , and all those travel plans in the US that never materialized- dealing with R2I and dealing with his dad's ailment. And finally, how it is going to be- married life and all that it brings with it..

At least in my case, I have a few more months to worry about the move and R2I. So this trip, I can try and focus on the happies- enjoy the wedding, now that the financial damages are already done- enjoy the precious time I get to spend with B, and then come back and work on the next phase. But its easier said than done, to compartmentalize thoughts in that way. Especially when, the very things you are working on and hoping to achieve, come along with the package of bigger challenges.

Well. Life is like that eh? I have always marveled at how I had things easy in life. I enjoyed the support of my family to follow my dreams, my sister in the US to hand hold me and watch my back and never really had a rough patch- except the post-doc in Philly. I think that phase is beginning to give way to a more challenging one now...

I have not been able to focus on work at all in the past few days. Part of it is the excitement of upcoming events- there's bags to be packed, a honeymoon to be planned, shopping to be done, a bachelorette party to be enjoyed- and experiments? What experiments? :) Another part of it was this nagging worry that I was not enjoying this pure unadulterated feeling of excitement- that all these other issues were nagging me..but I am beginning to realise that its ok- its ok to be a bit worried about what the future holds..anyone would be. I hope that B and I can together work our way through all of this and enjoy the good things that also lie ahead.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wanted: recos for resorts in Ooty/Coorg

So the place we initially reserved for our honeymoon just told us they are not ready and are still renovating- so had to cancel our reservation!

Anyone with good recommendations of resorts / guest houses in and around ooty/coorg etc? First hand good experiences or definite NO-NOs from experience??? We're looking for a casual place, some hiking opportunities in and around the area-.and a nice cosy clean cottage type accommodation, good service, not rustic...

Thanks in advance, B would kill me if he knew I am asking out here, but he will never know. :p

Pet peeve of the day

Girls who say "I cannot leave my husband and come- we have a relative visiting and he cannot manage alone".

I've had that said to me on two instances in the past few days.

If you said I cannot leave my husband and come- we're a weekend couple and its the only time we get to ourselves, I will buy that. But he cannot manage? A fully grown man cannot "manage" without you for a day or two? Show a guest around- take them sight-seeing in the city? WTF. Get a husband-sitter or something.