Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pet peeve of the day

Girls who say "I cannot leave my husband and come- we have a relative visiting and he cannot manage alone".

I've had that said to me on two instances in the past few days.

If you said I cannot leave my husband and come- we're a weekend couple and its the only time we get to ourselves, I will buy that. But he cannot manage? A fully grown man cannot "manage" without you for a day or two? Show a guest around- take them sight-seeing in the city? WTF. Get a husband-sitter or something.


ferret said...

husband sitter, heheheh good idea :D :D

JustSo said...

depends on whose side the relatives are from. if they are his folks, you have nothing to do being there. if they are your folks, DONT let him manage. be there.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

are you going to get one?

why- i believe that husband shd learn to take care of wife's relatives too- and if he messes up- let him deal with the consequences

P said...

husband sitter..hi hi
Do you know any women our age who cook and freeze a whole month of food, when they HAD TO go to India leaving their husbands alone? I know of at least 2! One of the husband however ate out every day without touching the lovingly frozen food..hi hi.
I know plenty of aunties (including my MIL) who do not go anywhere because their husbands can't manage themselves. My MIL won't even go anywhere for more than few hours without FIL. Apparently he gets very sad when he is left alone for too long!!!!! :D Fortunately for me, his son didn't inherit this character at all :)