Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Shaking it off

I have a newly acquired interest/bystander's (standing very far away) curiosity in dogs. Lets say I went from abject fear and being repelled to a teeny tiny bit of affinity. No prizes for guessing where I acquired this trait.

Anyhow- ever seen a dog take a dip in water and come out and shake itself vigorously all over, spraying that water everywhere? Making that flapping noise? We had a dog that had made its home in our building, near the entry. In a smelly corner. Come rains, and that would be a smelly wet corner. Sometimes, I'd walk into the building, and watch the dog get up, shake off all that filthy water and walk away leaving a horrendously smelly air behind.

The best part was how he'd coolly walk away, totally oblivious to the stench he had created in the atmosphere. It was so easy for him. Today I feel like that dog. I've been stewing in all kinds of negativity and moroseness and self-pity and a whole lot of professional insecurity and lack of confidence. Finally, I decided to shake it all off, and walk away from it with my head held high. And never look behind. And, if I fall into another ditch, I will walk away and shake it off in just the same way- because now I know how.