Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

The weekend was awesome - lovely weather..visited a friend - it was fun to catch up, show off my most recent india shopping..indulge in girl talk.. N had just moved here so together we explored her city- an unplanned day that was full of pleasant surprises- it seemed like almost every on-the-spot decision we took turned out to be a good one..we even threw in two movies in the same day..

1. Dinner with Shmucks: was horribly slapstick and we had to leave before it ended- based on the same book that Bheja Fry was based on, and I liked Bheja Fry..

2. Once upon a time in Mumbai: We just made the last show, about 15 mins late as my friend drove like a maniac from one end of the town to another....another impulsive decision that paid off well- ..I was unaware of all this history behind the mumbai enjoyed the movie for most- although both those women couldn't act to save their lives...Ajay Devgan was good in his brooding serious role....and I really liked the guy who played DCP Agnel Wilson ..

Came back home, five hour bus ride later, had some yummy pongal at Chennai Garden...made my way home..with big plans to clean up and get ready for the week but did nothing except waste time at the laptop and sleep off.

Today I am most disinclined to work...not sure why? I think its often a result of me setting high-reaching goals for the weekend and never getting close. I need to cut back and make achievable lists...

Several times over the weekend, in the midst of all the fun I was having I wished I could just get on a flight and go see B in seems like the more fun my weekends are the more miserable I am about us being apart. I found myself almost looking forward to Monday so we would get back to our routine of phone chats uninterrupted. While we are both traveling and having our respective weekend plans it becomes harder to sync times and opportunities to talk and catch up with each other, and I guess that makes it harder.

I knew someone who, because her boyfriend was once stuck in India for an extended period of time, was so miserable that she refused to come out and do any fun things..saying that she didn't want to go without her boyfriend - I remember being aghast at such a stand-but I am almost beginning to see her point. Well- almost. :) I don't see myself doing that ever- I am already planning the next few weekends and hope that I can enjoy myself and have a good time, in spite of the missing and all that jazz.

The one task I achieved over this weekend was whittling down the wedding photos- I brought them down from 300-odd photos to 100 - odd photos. My goal is to make it 50 and then send them to all our friends who have been nagging me for the photos...its been a month already- yeah!

Lab life: I realise again, how challenging my project is. I have a minor role in a separate project, so I see myself getting "something" out of this post-doc, after all. But the more challenging one is the one that inspires me ..I hope that I can get somewhere with it in my time here...and make this all worth it.


shub said...

Unannounced blog theme changes are terrible. For most part of the post I read it thinking it was another blogger who has the same thing. Who is in a long distance relationship as well. It was only when I saw the word 'wedding' that I was it isn't her and looked again at the url! Hehe.

Anyway. Yes, it took me a while to sift through the pics and while I was targeting 20-25, I could manage 30 something! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL..well you read one blue blog, you read them all. :)

30-something is a good number..that was my original target, but i gave up..(in the name of setting achievable goals ;) )

how is life?

Kits said...

Very nice and congratulations hon :) Mine's coming up in a month and not sure am looking forward to all the craziness that is part and parcel of weddings!