Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am avoiding making dinner because it entails doing the dishes first because currently all the dishes I own are in the sink. Except coffee mugs and wine glasses. Hmm...says a lot.

I am in awe of doctors for all the obvious reasons.. [the work they do, the skills they have, how hard they work along the way - something I have seen at close quarters thanks to being embedded in a medical school - and can never stop being impressed by- and, yes, the fact that some male doctors are just drop-dead gorgeous]. Perhaps some of this awe also stems from the fact that at some point I did give Med school a shot, as much as many Indian kids are made to. My mom really badly wanted me to be a doctor- she thought very practically- that having a doctor in the house was useful- and I agree with her on that. But I don't think I ever had any kind of strong affinity towards becoming a doctor, and in any case, didn't make it through all those gazillion entrance exams I took.

I had a very nice conversation with a doctor today. And again I was awed by the sheer spectrum of people they meet in a days work- the feelings they process- the inevitably emotion-laden jobs they bring themselves to do with sheer detachment- and yet with all their compassion intact. I have full respect for them. I also realized how I had a lot of respect for them, but could seldom translate this respect to the doctors I have seen and met with the intention of getting treated by them. I blame it on the convoluted health insurance system, the long waits to be able to first see a doctor and then in the waiting rooms, the brusque manner of the doctors, the paper-work hell and the constant feeling of not being able to trust them but still entirely helpless. This dichotomy is mostly unresolved, in spite of hearing the other side of the story often.

The girl at the subway sandwich place down the street now knows exactly what I get- and I don't have to point to every selection like the rest of the sandwich-waiting-hungry folks on line. As soon as she sees me, she pulls out a footlong of my favourite bread, cuts it into half, toasts it just the way I like it, and makes my sandwich in a display of sheer efficiency, quickness and confidence. I LOVE it! I love how the other people stare at me as I stand wordlessly, while they are still agonizing over their choices. Although, it does make me wonder- what if I want to mix and match things around one day? Admittedly, being vegetarian, there's very little I can do to bring variety into my subway sandwich. I also realised that most days, my interaction with her is the most interpersonal interaction I have in the day. So she definitely makes my day in many ways, and now I find myself going there more often than ever. That, I don't think is such a good thing, but oh well. Small pleasures.

I think I am going to have to get off this couch and make myself some dinner after all, because the dinner aint making itself around here. Pah. Or may be I can eat cereal out of a wine glass. How about that?


ferret said...

Tell yourself that you'll wash just one bowl and spoon for the cereal,, you'll be surprised that by the end of it all dishes are done and dinner made too. That's what happens with me :)

P said...

Did you make that dinner finally?
Cereals out of wine glass for dinner...he he...I hear you. I don't eat cereals but my husband eats his breakfast cereals out of ice cream bowls (the ones with stems) many times and one time he had to eat his cereal with a fork and just sip the milk out of the bowl because we ran out of clean spoons too :D For dinner, I usually keep some paper plates around for such dishwashing emergencies :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I made maggi. And did the one bowl and spoon washing thing. And yes, before I knew it, my sink was clean. I guess I am, in my own way, preparing for R2I and hired help. :p