Monday, September 06, 2010

Peepli Live

I caught Peepli live this weekend, amongst other things. Quick thoughts:

It was a really well-made movie that hit so close home.


I don't get why people were L-O-L-ing in the theater.

It was hard hitting satire. Very tragic-comic. Hardcore satire. It got me riled up and made me angry/sad and S-O-L (smirk out loud) at a few places.

Why are people calling it "Hilarious"? It was not hilarious.

And finally, what's up with people giggling and laughing every time a swear word is uttered on screen? That is an honest question. I don't get it. The movie was depicting a setting where people one breathes. There is *nothing* funny about it. But every swear word brought on a host of giggling and guffawing in the movie hall. I really wanted to ask people what was funny about swear words.

And giggling at swear words apart, what were people giggling about when the movie showed the the true face of the very dregs of media, sensationalism, corruption and politicking.

I hope everybody in India- especially the ones that follow network news channels- see it and get the message instead of L-O-L-ing, they make a decision to stop giving networks and high-faluting talk shows and what-have-you any TRPs.

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