Sunday, September 12, 2010


Ganesh Chaturthi didn't really feel like it. I didn't even make my customary phone calls to people I usually call back in Bombay to wish them, reminisce all our old Ganpati celebrations etc. I wish I had gone someplace desi but I just chose to wallow at home alone. Ah well. This weekend was the exact opposite of last weekend. Last weekend I had a couple friends staying with me, lots of activity, going out every day and was thankful for the company. This weekend I wanted to just relax and unwind and do nothing. But it wasn't as much fun. I did have a very busy, tiring and productive week so I am happy to catch some rest.

The fun part of living here is the fact that I get to meet people...visiting/transiting/living around here. It turns out there are more of B's friends who either live around here or are visiting and make it a point to look me up and catch up with me. Some of them regulars and some of them I am meeting for the first time. Either way they do their bit to keep me cheered up and deliberately or unknowingly are helping me get through this LDR business. I am happy that he has such wonderful friends, enjoy meeting up with people with whom I can discuss him, and, of course, love every opportunity to rake up some dirt on him. :)

In spite of telling myself to prepare for the worst, when I finally came to face it, turns out I was not that prepared after all. May be it only means that the worst is yet to come. :/

I am contemplating my next visit to Bombay to visit B. I am beginning to doubt if I have it in me to go there, for another cruelly short amount of time, counting down the days and hours, and then deal with the horribly painful bit where he drops me off at the airport and I have to return to this cold country and huge apartment alone. Sometimes I think I should just stay put and go back only when I can finally put an end to this madness. But of course, that is a while away and it would be nice to see him before that. Given how continuously jinxed his plans to come here and visit me have been, I have given up on that.

I am going to be 32 in a little over a month. 32! Feels like I was celebrating my (second) 29th just the other day. :)

Jokes apart, I need to start working on the whole get fit get healthy plan. While the wedding didn't serve as a sufficient motivation/threat to lose weight, the idea of having a baby at some point in the next few years does make me think about the getting fit plan more seriously.

I need to be patient with others indecisiveness. Remind myself of the times, when I went back and forth and back again, changing my decisions, ideas, likes and dislikes and was always received with patient listening and understanding.

This social networking business at the same time manages to annoy me and fascinate me. The fading of boundaries in relationships and friendships doesn't sit well with me. The continuous exhibitionism bothers me. But the six degrees of separation business never fails to amaze and thrill.


Raam Pyari said...

If B is your husband, then i mus say living away frm him must be very difficult. I did that for a month and it was horrible :(

I hope you guys can be together soon

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Raam Pyari!
Raam raam! :) Yeah, B is a husband- i almost forget sometimes :p

We have six more months of long distance left. :/