Friday, September 17, 2010


In which I am not whining :)

Things that made me happy in the recent past

1) B's friend calling and telling me to stock up on beer because he (the friend) was going to be visiting :). AND me proudly being able to say that I already had. :) :)

2) My friend calling and telling me "Main paanch min. mein pahunch raha hai tu chai ready rakh".

3) Friends dropping in unexpectedly to just say hello. :) Who said that happened only in India? AND my living room being neat and tidy. :) :)

4) Getting to see my niece soon! :) :) :)

5) Gossip-filled phone call from a friend.

6) Being able to share good news for a change with a friend who is my #1 Agony uncle.

7) Making travel plans to finally(!) visit the West Coast. Yeah! (And to you who may kill me for this, sorry but this will be NoCal only :p)

8) Being proven right. :) (Getting to say I told you so without having to say it :p)

9) Being excited about some papers I have been devouring and learning A LOT from. I may even have a solution to my problems hidden in there but that only time and experiments will tell.

10) Being told by my post-doc advisor that I am a natural teacher. :)

Yay me! :)


Anonymous said...


(But yayy to B's visit)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

B is not visiting- his friend is. :( why u made me sad now?

shub said...

Yay you :) I especially like #2 and #3 :)

ferret said...

#3 doesn't happen in India also now :( There are long email discussions before any meetups can materialise most of the time!!

#10 i could say that from reading your blog, there's a clarity even in the confused state of mind - womm posts :)

#7 Why NoCal!!!!!!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) i know.

hehe you are a sweetie..and really? i hope i have neighbours whose house i can walk into. that is one of my favourite memories of life in india.
Why not Nocal? I want to go to yosemite