Saturday, September 25, 2010


We're only half way into the weekend but mine has been very nice so far. Got to meet some people, old friends and new people, and had a wonderful time. If I can keep up my goal of putting in a few hours in lab tomorrow I will be happy.

I am currently nursing a headache and worrying about my career. I hope, soon enough, I can write a post that is a myth-buster of sorts, where in I say- "I stressed out about all of this and turns out I needn't have. I got a position I wanted, I am happy in my new position and enjoying what I do. All that I feared would work against me didn't really matter that much".

I hope.

I met half of another couple in an India-US long distance for as long as I've been (>1 year and still going strong). Misery loves company, and I was really happy to make this acquaintance. :)

I have been feeling all sorts of outclassed- from people discussing top tier journals they publish in, working for big name and all of that. It has gotten the better of me and makes me feel small. :(

It's a lovely day outside.

I have a dishes-mountain to scale.

Sometimes I have trouble remembering that in some conversations, people are just thinking out loud. I get irritated by the things they say only to realise later that they were just brainstorming, not really making well-thought out and analysed points. I need to remember to be more patient.

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