Monday, November 29, 2010

On customizable browsers

Apparently we are still very far from having a google-for-life. I will keep waiting. In other news, I found my keys (YAY!) and my camera (YAY!). :)

But while waiting for google-for-life, I have a few other items on my internet wishlist that I think are a lot more do-able and perhaps the equivalents already exist and I just need to find out ?

1) You know how we set can set our homepage to be a certain page on our browser? Now, when I am doing certain tasks, there are a fixed few websites I visit for them. For example, while writing a scientific article, I visit google scholar, pubmed, my institute's library website, etc. While working on a particular kind of analysis I have a few set half-dozen tabs that are open. When I'm wasting time on the internet, I have a fixed few twitter/blog/reader pages open.

Now, I wish I could I create customized profiles on my browser (in my case firefox), so that, I have "manuscript profile" which automatically opens up the relevant pages each in a separate tab, "analysis profile" which automatically loads these 5 -6 pages that I routinely need to do this analysis?

Some may say I should just organise my bookmarks in neat folders and be done with it. But even if I had done that, I would have to manually open up each page. And given that this is a repetitive task, wouldn't it be a lot nicer to have such profiles? Just like having multiple homepages for a browser.

Also, I found an app called Freedom that cuts you off from the internet for whatever amount of time you set it. I have been trying to use it to help me stay focused on work and it is quite helpful, when I have to be on the comp to work but don't need the internet. I am currently using the free trial, if I continue to find it useful I might buy it. Let us see how long i last with it.


Ludwig said...

> And given that this is a
> repetitive task, wouldn't it be
> a lot nicer to have such
> profiles?

Ipanema ammayi, you can sort of get this in Firefox. Just bookmark the 5 sites you need in one folder and you can then go to Bookmarks on the menu, select your folder and then say "Open All In Tabs". This is 3 clicks of work, though.

Instead of putting your Bookmarks folder in the Bookmarks menu, you can put it on the toolbar, and then do right click + select all in tabs, which is only 2 clicks of work.

If I find a way of shortening that further, you'll be the first to know. Of course, I charge $ consulting rates for this sort of thing :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:) I didn't know that. thanks :p

Amrita said...

Looks like Ludwig beat me to the comment but yeah :-D its just 2 clicks away. I do like the google for life idea though, or maybe simply a ctrl+f for life!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

so apparently everyone knew this except me. :) The things you miss out on for not having right click on a mac. :/

P said...

Maybe you should change your mouse/touchpad setting to activate right click (secondary click on mac) :)

SF-1 said...

Shocked.... you need a software to keep you away from the internet? I thought just turning the WLAN button would do the trick.

Infact all machines (read as humans) come with an inbuilt utility called "Will Power" and that is not a shareware or freeware.. and you won't need to buy it if you realize you already have it :-) No offence meant...

Good that you found your camera and keys... cheers for the big discovery.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

my mouse actually does have rt-click activated, i just don't use it out of habit...

:( . guilty as charged, no offence taken at all. what to do when the will power is pretty much won't power? the problem with inactivating WLAN is that it is in your control to go turn it right back on whenever you feel like, whereas this s/w, once u muster up the will power to set it to 30 mins, you have no choice but to be internet-less for those 30 mins.

I also know a friend who used 2 computers, one that was networked and the other was not. :)