Friday, November 05, 2010


Missing being in India big time during Diwali. But i'm headed to my sister's place this evening and that should help.

The zero-expectations policy is helping. No expectations from experiments, from people, from systems..yeah.

I wallow in self-pity every now and then only to snap out of it when I see that I have precious little to complain about. Sure it sucks to be away from B and to be stuck in a rut at work, but really? I have a lot going for me and need to remind myself of it all every time I go down the self-pity party path.

I think of lutom a lot these days. I sometimes miss the security I felt there. A good bunch of friends to hang out with, more money than I do now, and happier lab-life....But then again, there were a different set of struggles then. I have reminders all over this blog :)

I am *this* close to calling in sick at work today, but I will drag myself to work and get busy and keep on keeping on.

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SF-1 said...

With every new day we start a brand new life, and with every new lyf, we start new challenges. That's what lyf is all about.

I am yet go to through the archives of your blog, so won't comment on your previous struggles until I know about them.